David Ritter
Director /co producer

A resident of Cap Haitien Haiti and Kingston Jamaica, David Ritter began documenting his Caribbean experiences through the medium of film and video. While working as a guide and translator throughout the west indies, he began filming and interviewing people and places that he would find while on his travels. Through this process of collecting footage he began to create documentary projects about different Caribbean cultural aspects of life that were rarely documented and reported.

Scott Butler

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Scott Butler has worked in numerous film, television, music video, industrial and voice-over projects.¬† He played as the finals chair umpire for the 2012 Warner Bros Digital & theatrical release “16-Love” starring Lindsey Shaw and Chandler Massey that can now be seen on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

Scott won “Best Actor” at the 2011 Canada International Film Festival for his work on “Abeo”. Also in 2011, the web-series “Hollywood Hell”, where he played as Jack the Ripper won an Emmy in the Student Production category and the short film “Serene” he was involved in was nominated for an Emmy. He was also the recipient of the “Best Actor” award at the Pacific Coast Theatre Company in 2009.
Scott Butler – IMDB

Clinton H. Wallace
Co Producer

Clinton H.Wallace is a press photographer and the founder of Photomundo International based in Beverly Hills, CA. He is best known for photographing high profile events and celebrities. His versatility in both strategic photo distribution and hands-on implementation of all elements of travel & entertainment photography makes him a valuable asset to any assignment. Educated at New York University, Universidad De Granada and University De Paris IV-Sorbonne, he along with director Lydia Martinelli Co-Founded a Film production company called Lane City Films, their collaboration produced three Films titled “Layla” “Whiskey Neat” and “Nose Candy”. In 2000 he joined as a West Coast Staff photographer for Globe Photos Inc.

Vincent Chang

Vincent Chang is a Jamaican musician who has lived in Seaford town Jamaica for many years. He has helped make this project unique by blending German folk music with several forms of Jamaican music.


  1. thekarenb says

    Any chance that you all came across a family with the last name “Ash” or “Asch” or “Asche” while in German Town? Trying to trace some family history, and wondering if any of those are still there.

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