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  1. R. Wayne Ashton says

    Thank you for this. My maternal grandfather lived and raised his family in Black River, JA. I’m told that his birthname, Hyam, makes it likely he was of German Jewish descent.

  2. Jacqueline says

    This is the story of most of the world.Migration and slavery produces intermingling with human beings.. This is the outcome. My mother’s ancestry is of Germany ancestry from St.Elizabeth. You will see a lot of fair ruddy skin tone,blonde to light brown,hazel,blue,green Jamaicans that certainly are from German,Scottish, Irish ancestry. I would love to find out my mom’s family history too and my Dad.She has passes on,her siblings before her.So very difficult and I live in U.S.But,maybe someday I will know more. Good to know your past to understand you.

  3. Gary Brown says

    I really enjoyed the video. My mother was from Seaford Town. She said a placed called Lamb’s River. She was of Irish decent mixed.I can’t ask her anything because she passed away 2006. I would like to know if you can make a video about the Irish connection? Thanks for making the video.

  4. Jason says

    It tells a story that is hard to ignore. The struggle of remembering where you came from..yet moving forward. To remember the past but to keep looking to the future. Thank you for telling this story!

  5. says

    I am from Jamaica. I live in New York and I’m of African and Asian descent. I have to share this with my German American friend

  6. Effie kameka says

    My dad was born in seaford in 1909. His name was George F Kameka. He left his homeland in 1926 to settle in Belize. I am 1 of his 9 children. My daughter visited his birthplace in March of 2009.

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