• Stasia Gardner Abellard says

      Hi Linda Gardner, we may be family… I am Stasia Gardner Abellard with some German roots from Jamaica. contact me sometime.

    • says

      We are in the process of a screening tour. we have done a screening in Massachusetts USA and we will have a screening in ST Paul Minnesota and Chicago Illinois.
      I would be more than happy to come up to Syracuse NY and do a screening. please let me know what Gallery you have in mind and I will do all i can to have in shown in your city – David Ritter

  1. says

    BTW I originally heard about your work through Tara Masih. I look forward to reading the interview you recently gave. The best, Mary

  2. Marcuz says

    So if this film is done, where can I see it, I have looked to for very long now. I would love to purchase an ex of the video.Get back to me please

  3. Paul Leyland says

    Hi David,

    I have come across your website after googling Seaford Town, the birthplace of my late Grandfather, Lloyd Edward Hacker.

    What an intriguing place… Although my Grandfather never returned to his home town after leaving to fight for the allied forces in WWII, he often spoke of his childhood there.

    The family has a keen interest in it’s heritage and I’d love to be able to show them the documentary.

    I can see your showings are mainly based in America, is there any potential for Europe having access to the film?

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Paul Leyland

    • says

      hey Paul we are working on a European tour, i have been in contact with some people in newcastle university in england and they are interested but that is their hands after that i am in contact with some people attempting to get a austrian, german and swiss tour underway. if you know if any venues in your area please let me know i would love to set something up in your area – David

  4. Viona says

    Hi David, I am in the process of starting a website on Jamaican history. I’ve seen your video and would like to use it on my website.

  5. D. Chung says

    Hi David,
    My mother’s family is from Seaford Town (Somers) and I spent my early childhood there until I was 13 yrs old. I still have an uncle there along with many cousins and do visit whenever I’m in Jamaica. I actually went to the school there when it was run by nuns and was baptised in the catholic church by father Francis. Where can I get a copy of this dvd? I am currently living in Toronto.

  6. Bruce Groskopf says

    hello david i would like to purchase a copy of this film if possible. can you please provide contact info to purchase.

    i am a decendant of the peoples in yor film. some of them are relatives whom i see when i go to jamaica.

    i have only seen the 3 minute clip but would like to see the film in its entirety.

    kind regards

  7. Marjorie Blumfald says

    Hi David,
    It would be very interesting to follow up on the many German Jamaicans who migrated in the 50′s,60′s and 70′s.
    The story told to me by my mother and grand parents was that the Germans came to Jamaica in the 1830′s or there abouts. They were brought over by Lord Seaford hence the name Seaford Town There was approximately 4 boat loads. Many died at sea, many died at very young ages due to malaria and adjusting to conditions. They were given small plots were they grew so many hills of yam, coco etc. As far back as the 1830′s there were many marriages to chinese and inter marriages to cousins.
    There were some of the boat people when they arrived in Ja was far than pleased with conditions and went on to the US. One of those was a baseball player, last name Hacker.
    There are many well know German Ja. still there such as the Eldemire’s of which was my grandmother maiden name. She married a Hacker, Delroy that you have interviewed is actually a first cousin who served in the military when a young man. Several of these Ger-Ja. can be found in Tweed. Ont. and in and around Ontario. I find this so facinating and look forward to the release of the DVD. Please keep me posted. Thanks for bringing this to light.

    • says

      Thank you for the message Marjorie I can not promise it will be on DVD but there will be updates on this website and the facebook page =. you should follow and get new information as it comes. the best way to see this documentary is at one of the many screening we are having in north America and Europe- David Ritter

    • says

      Hi Marjorie

      I am replying to a message you left on the germantownjamaica website.

      My partner (Melvin Hawker) is interested in tracing his family. His dad was from Westmoreland, Jamaica, and his name was Conrad Hacker (it got changed to Hawker at passport control for some reason).

      Mel doesn’t know much about his dad’s background – but he would like to, I know.

      Do you have any information on the Hackers – they may not be the same, but we did see a clip of a Delroy Hacker and to me, he looks a bit like Mel!

      Many thanks


  8. says

    My partner is called Melvin Hawker. His dad was Conrad Hacker, born in 1930
    in Westmoreland – but we are not sure where). Conrad came to England in 1955. Mel would love to find any relations or anyone that knew his dad. Mel thinks his grand-dad was German.

  9. says

    Sorry David, I just realised when I sent my message that you aren’t likely to be able to know about individual people. But would you be able to put us in touch with any websites/contacts? I would love Mel to know more about his Jamaican side,

    • says

      I know much about many individuals and the Hacker family is very much apart of the region and German heritage within westmoreland Jamaica. I hope you can find more help on the Seaford town page and i hope you get a chance to see this documentary.- David Ritter

      • Marjorie Blumfald says

        Hi Catherine,
        If your husband looks like Delroy, he is definetly from Westmoreland, Seaford Town. Many names get changed when migratiing due to spelling. There is now 3rd. and 4th. male cousins who has that strong resemblance. Many of these Hackers that migrated to Ontario, Canada, worked for the Toronto Hydro/major tire companies and farming. My moms eldest sister married a man from Scotland by the name of Angus. Some of the boys migrated there in the 60′s. When I last went to JA. and visited Seaford Town on a bus tour,we met so many people, you just looked at the women and we knew we were related. Just watch for the documentaries. I t is so wonderful od David to put this together. Will try to answer more. There was a cousin named Joyce who had son/sons that migrated to England around the same time your husband. Joyce worked for an aunt in Kingston by the name of Daisy/Emma/Zeta.
        Cheers, Marji

  10. Hugh Adams says

    I would like to get this video. My mom was born and raised in Seaford, her last name is Eldemire. She spends winters in Jamaica. All my uncles and aunts on my moms side are from Seaford. They are Brown’s, Kameka’s, and Eldemire’s and live in Canada, with some in the U.S.

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