Film Synopsis

German Town: The Lost Story Of Seaford Town Jamaica

Directed by David Ritter
Produced by David Ritter and Clinton Wallace for Photomundo International
Music by Project Sound

“German Town The Lost Story Of Seaford Town Jamaica” is a documentary that explores the history of German heritage and history within Westmoreland Jamaica.

Deep within the isolated undeveloped mountains of Westmoreland lies a village with a history and people unique to Jamaica. It is said that the inhabitants of this village are descendants of German indentured servants who were used to work the Jamaican plantations after the emancipation period to substitute the slave labor that drove the islands economy.

Others think they came under different circumstances as runaway prisoners, former military battered after the Napoleonic wars seeking a better life to escape poverty and hardships in their home lands. This documentary project explores the history and contemporary life of Jamaicans of German heritage.

Running time 55 mins.

For more information, contact David Ritter:


  1. says

    Well done David. I am a ‘white’ Jamaican but of middle eastern descent now living in the UK. Keep up the good work as there are many other mysteries to be found in Jamaica and its people. Maybe the German and Jamaican Governments can do something to preserve this important community of Seaforth.

    • says

      Thank you very much for your interest. and yes i hope to continue to document more of the amazing culture and history within Jamaica.
      I hope this documentary will aid seaford town and i hope it will bring more positive attention to the village. hopefully some good will come to the westmoreland/seaford town region there are still many amazing things there that make it distinct.

    • LL says

      Happy to say i’m from Lambs River.Never forget the first day i saw a white young boy coming to the post office,two miles from Seaford Town
      i was about five years old.Grow up knowing a few of the Germans,good job David.However i do think most people living in the community do not know the history of the Germans.Some one should do a tour guide on Seaford Town,,

  2. Jason Brown says

    Wow. I’m glad to see someone is putting this out there. The first lady filmed in the youtube video (Amy Brown) is my late grandmother. Please contact me when DVD’s are available. I have heard many stories about the heritage of my ancestors, but having footage would be a great keep sake.

  3. Bridgette says

    Hello! My great-grandmother (Effie Eldemire-Ramsay)’s family was of the Eldemire family from Seaford town. I believe her father’s name was Augustus. We are trying to track down as much information about this family as we can. We know that that her grandfather was likely among the original 200 settlers in Seaford Town in or around 1935. Would love to connect with anyone who might have more information about them. I actually recognized one of the men in the trailer as my uncle (by marriage)’s brother – last name Hacker – also from Seaford town.

  4. Gladys Brown says

    Dear sir i am so proud of you doing this rich piece of history of Jamaica, and proud to be a nigro .
    It is a beautiful thing to see how GOD allows his people to be scattered to the four corners of the earth.My well wishes to the German race is to love your neighbor as yourself and those that are still of child bearing age is to continue bearing children to keep up your generation heritage.ONE LOVE FROM U.S.A.

  5. Gayle McGarrity says

    Hi Dominic, I know that this comment is from you! I have recently met some people from Seaford Town up here in the U.S. and would love to do some research on the German element in our culture before it dies out. Just writing to David Ritter now. Do you know him? Not sure how long ago you posted your comment, but nice to buck you up here and to see that we still have similar interests. One love, Gayle

  6. Christine Engstrom says

    My grandmother was born Ethel Groskopf in Seaford Town in 1896 and came to the US in the 1920s along with other relatives. My mother met Ethel’s family in Jamaica once as a young child in the 1930s. I knew a number of my grandmother’s Jamaican relatives. My brother and I would like to see your documentary. How do we obtain a copy?
    Thank you for your important work.


  7. Patrick Newman says

    I’m very happy to find this!
    My grandfather George Ludwig Newman was from German Town apparently.
    Have to show this to my father who is from Kingston!

  8. Sandra Forrester-Tierney says

    WOW..i came across this quite by accident. I would LOVE to get a copy of the DVD. Both my parents are Jamaican born and my mom is from German Town!! They are both in their eighties and would take great joy in watching.

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